THATCo Services

At THATCo, your unique property is our top priority. Our Team relishes in quality relationships, and every project we undertake with you is a partnership destined for success.
That’s because we don’t only work with the strong foundation of industry wisdom and expertise that our long-standing combined experience shows, we also work with passion
in everything we do.

Our wide spectrum of specialised services includes:


The friendly face of our business – our expert Sales team assists B2B sales from a variety of market segments, including:

  • Municipal, Provincial & National Government Departments
  • NGOs
  • Tour Operators
  • Conference & Travel Management Companies
  • Parastatal Organisations & many other Associations.

Together with our Marketing Team, our Sales Team can help your property transactions and communications run smoothly and stand out from the rest.


Successful marketing is an amalgamation of comprehensive brand development and strategic targeting. No one knows this better than our in-house Marketing Team, who are ready to assist you with a full house of industry-related services, including:

  • Market & SWOT Analysis
  • Property-Specific Sales & Marketing Plan Formulation
  • Brand Voice & C.I Development
  • Design Printing & Posting of both Digital & Printed Marketing Collateral
  • Website Design & SEO
  • Brochures
  • Monthly E-Zines
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Performance Analytics Platforms such as Google AdWords.

Together with our Public Relations Team, our Marketing Team creates lucrative & creative systems that will help increase the flow of communication and progress between your staff and customers alike.

Public Relations

Our crucial and confident connection to the consumer and businesses, as well the hub of strategic planning and execution, our PR Team are our professional pride and joy. Let us assist in a host of services that will help forge quality relationships between your business and the public eye, including:

  • Strategic Campaigning
  • Published media such as press releases, newsletters, advertorials, website copy & digital content
  • Professional media, celebrity & Influencer liaisons.

Together with our Central Reservations Team, our PR Team provides an open line of communication, so your journey to success can run smoothly.

Central Reservations

The concierge for the mechanics of your booking and reservations system, our Central Reservations Team services both individual and group bookings for all reservation channels, including:

  • Centralised Booking & Global Distribution Systems (Amadeus, Galileo, et al.)
  • Websites
  • Online Travel Agents
  • Direct Property liaisons

Together with our Revenue Management Team, our Central Reservations Team ensures that consumers and CEO’s alike, all arrive at the same budgetary destination, as desired.

Revenue Management

The financial brain, our Revenue Management Team provides effective Yield Management services that aim to grow your Revenues, Financial Portfolio & more. We understand that an increase in yield means effective targeting and strategy in terms of customer LSM & client’s budgetary constraints, as well as an effective
BAR Pricing Strategy.

That’s why our Revenue Management Team, together with our Ops Team are dedicated to pricing strategies and process solutions that ensure the property isn’t simply just managed correctly, but that it is also priced correctly – based on current forecasting and market pricing.


The efficient eyes of our Team, our Operations Team helps us maintain our successful model for optimisation of processes and benchmarking to enable growth. With close to 40 years of hotel industry experience, our Team can manage the Hotel on the owner’s behalf, or provide operational ideas, initiatives and implementations, such as:

  • Keeping hotel & FF&E in operational condition, including the organisation of repairs
  • Lease negotiation & administration, as well as other ad hoc concession agreements
  • Preparation & submission of annual budgets
  • Recruitment, appointment & training of staff
  • Best Labour Practise Management
  • Asset & stock procurement, including quality control
  • Departmental SOPs
  • F&B policy management
  • Pricing schedules and MORE.

Together, let’s make great ideas happen!