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Our mission is to make your great idea grow and add more value to your experience with us. One way we achieve this is through our News Desk. This page serves as an added platform of communication for both media and curious readers alike.


Media & Press

For any press or media related inquiries, Brenda Dooge will be your contact person of choice.


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Read all about our latest successful stories, industry-related news, local attractions & activities, as well as events, offerings and more.


Media Influencer & Corporate Shoots

We provide premier opportunities to a large number of specialised clients such as social media influencers, bloggers and media industry professionals. This exclusive service is a sincere transaction of marketing quid pro quo, with all applicants being subject to prioritisation of industry-relevant content. It’s about helping each other grow, and making great ideas come to life to bring success to everyone involved.

We can also take care of your next professional photo shoot, by taking care of the venue and all the logistics involved. Let’s take the pain out of preparing for a promotional photo shoot and bring your next great idea to life.

If you are interested in finding out more info & booking a photo shoot or film location through us, click here.